According to EPFR Global’s Director of Research Cameron Brandt, there have been more withdrawals than inflows from the gold fund groups they monitor.

Recent gold investment trends have been surprising, with substantial interest in the precious metal not translating into investments in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds.

According to Cameron Brandt, Director of Research at EPFR Global, there have been more withdrawals than inflows from the gold fund groups that the company tracks. The last two to three weeks have seen a decline in risk appetite.

According to a mid-year report by the World Gold Council, gold has outperformed other major asset classes and has increased by 12% year to date in 2024.

“For gold, we believe the catalyst could come from falling rates in developed markets, that attract Western investment flows, as well as continued support from global investors looking to hedge bubbling risks amid a complacent equity market and persistent geopolitical tensions,” said the research.

India, in Brandt’s opinion, is one of the few developing nations that continues to draw serious investment, and there is still potential for these inflows to grow. There is an exodus from the majority of global emerging markets.

“One thing we’ve witnessed is the exponential increase in flows over the last 12 months for India equities funds headquartered in big growing countries like Japan, the UK, and the US”. Thus, Brandt added, India’s support base is growing and becoming more diverse.

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