The Narendra Modi led government has started a new term and there are continuity and changes that the government has made including keeping Nirmala Sitharaman in Finance Ministry. This move has led to guide questions about the future of the PSU stocks like IRFC, RVNL, BOB, and IRCTC.

Similar expectations of investors in the Indian stock markets are watching equivalent earnings from PSU stocks by this period. It highlights that the Modi government has given immense focus towards reviving the PSU companies that too in the last five years which have helped them to perform well and compete with the other companies.

It was expected that these measures shall be further prolonged since Nirmala Sitharaman continues to hold her position as the Finance Minister in the incoming Modi 3. 0 government. According to the research, it is advisable for investors to consider retaining PSU stocks in the investment portfolios. In addition, those in the stock market recommend also considering the segment of premium PSU stocks that can be in infrastructure, banking, energy, railroads and electricity etc.

Modi 3.0 cabinet: PSU stocks in focus

The stocks, such as RVNL, IRFC, Bank of Baroda, NBCC, etc have shown a wonderful result and have given a stupendous return in this period. This success is to the policies that FM Sitharaman announced during the past five years.

Investors are encouraged to consider these PSU stocks across sectors such as railways, banking, energy, power, and infrastructure as part of a diversified investment strategy. The strategic importance of these companies and their alignment with government initiatives make them attractive options for long-term growth.

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