The Sheetal Universal IPO, valued at Rs. 23.80 crores, consists entirely of a fresh issue comprising 34 lakh shares. Scheduled to open for subscription from December 4, 2023, until December 6, 2023, the IPO’s allotment is anticipated to be finalized by Thursday, December 7, 2023. The listing of the Sheetal Universal IPO on NSE SME is tentatively set for Monday, December 11, 2023.

Priced at Rs. 70 per share, the minimum lot size for application stands at 2000 shares. Retail investors are required to make a minimum investment of Rs. 140,000, whereas High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) need to invest in a minimum lot size of 2 lots (4,000 shares) amounting to Rs. 280,000.

The book running lead manager for the Sheetal Universal IPO is Beeline Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd, and the issue’s registrar is Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd. Spread X Securities has been designated as the market maker for the Sheetal Universal IPO.

For comprehensive details, interested parties are encouraged to refer to the Sheetal Universal IPO RHP (Red Herring Prospectus) for more in-depth information regarding the IPO.

Sheetal Universal Limited IPO Details

IPO Date: December 4, 2023, to December 6, 2023

Face Value: Rs.10 per share

Price: Rs. 70 per share

Lot Size: 2000 Shares

Total Issue Size: 3,400,000 shares (aggregating up to Rs. 23.80 Crores)

Fresh Issue: 3,400,000 shares (aggregating up to Rs. 23.80 Crores)

Issue Type: Fixed Price Issue IPO

Listing At: NSE SME

Shareholding Pre-Issue: 8,055,999 shares

Shareholding Post-Issue: 11,455,999 shares

Market Maker Portion: 172,000 shares

The Sheetal Universal IPO is scheduled to take place from December 4, 2023, to December 6, 2023. The listing date for this IPO is yet to be confirmed. The face value of each share stands at Rs. 10, with a price set at Rs. 70 per share. The lot size for this IPO is fixed at 2000 shares.

The total issue size comprises 3,400,000 shares, amounting to Rs. 23.80 crores. This total issue size solely constitutes a fresh issue of 3,400,000 shares, aggregating to the same Rs. 23.80 crores. The IPO is categorized as a Fixed Price Issue IPO and is set to be listed on NSE SME.

Pre-issue, the total shareholding stands at 8,055,999 shares, which is expected to increase to 11,455,999 shares post the issue. Additionally, the Market Maker portion for this IPO is 172,000 shares. Please note that the exact listing date for this IPO is pending confirmation.

The tentative schedule for the Sheetal Universal Limited  IPO is as follows:

IPO Open Date: Monday, December 4, 2023

IPO Close Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Basis of Allotment: Thursday, December 7, 2023

Initiation of Refunds: Friday, December 8, 2023

Credit of Shares to Demat: Friday, December 8, 2023

Listing Date: Monday, December 11, 2023

Cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation: 5 PM on December 6, 2023

The IPO subscription window will commence on December 4, 2023, and conclude on December 6, 2023. The basis of allotment is expected to be finalized by December 7, 2023. Refunds for unsuccessful applicants are scheduled to begin on December 8, 2023, along with the credit of shares to the respective demat accounts on the same day.

The anticipated listing date for Sheetal Universal IPO on the NSE SME platform is set for Monday, December 11, 2023. Please note that the cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation is specified as 5 PM on December 6, 2023. Investors are encouraged to adhere to this deadline for necessary mandate confirmations related to UPI payments.

Sheetal Universal Limited IPO  Key Performance Indicator

Sheetal Universal’s IPO debut in the market marked a Market Cap of Rs 80.19 Cr, accompanied by a Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio of 27.34. The subsequent evaluation post-IPO resulted in a reduced P/E ratio of 17.81. Alongside these financial metrics, the Return on Equity (ROE) stood at an impressive 36.17%, while the Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) was 21.59%. The company’s Debt/Equity ratio settled at 2.09, indicating its leverage position. Moreover, the Earnings Per Share (EPS) amounted to Rs 2.56, while the Return on Net Worth (RoNW) was recorded at 30.63%. These key performance indicators collectively shed light on Sheetal Universal’s financial standing post-IPO.

Key Performance IndicatorValues
P/E (x)27.34
Post P/E (x)17.81
Market Cap (₹ Cr.)80.19
EPS (Rs)2.56

Grey Market Premium (GMP)  Sheetal Universal Limited IPO

The latest information on Sheetal Universal’s SME IPO reveals that as of December 1st, 2023, 07:00 PM, the Grey Market Premium (GMP) stands at Rs. 7. Considering the IPO’s price band at Rs. 70.00, the estimated listing price for Sheetal Universal’s SME IPO amounts to Rs. 77 (calculated as the cap price plus today’s GMP). This projection suggests an expected percentage gain of 10.00% per share. Additionally, the Retail Subject to Sauda for Sheetal Universal SME IPO is indicated at Rs. 10600. It’s important to note that the GMP for the IPO is updated daily based on the last 33 sessions of grey market activities. Today’s GMP indicates an upward trend, signaling anticipation for a robust listing. The range of GMP for the IPO fluctuates between Rs. 0 (lowest) and Rs. 7 (highest). For further insights into the daily price trend of Sheetal Universal SME IPO’s GMP and its anticipated listing price, it is advised to stay updated with our ongoing updates.

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing PriceLast Updated
01-12-202370.00₹7 Todays Movement – GMP No Change10600₹77 (10%)1-Dec-2023 19:00
30-11-202370.00₹7 Todays Movement – GMP No Change10600₹77 (10%)30-Nov-2023 23:32
29-11-202370.00₹7 Todays Movement – GMP Up10600₹77 (10%)29-Nov-2023 23:31
28-11-2023₹0 Todays Movement – GMP No Change₹ (0%)28-Nov-2023 6:03
27-11-2023₹0 Todays Movement – GMP No Change₹ (0%)27-Nov-2023 6:03
26-11-2023₹0 Todays Movement – GMP No Change₹ (0%)26-Nov-2023 6:02
25-11-2023₹0 Todays Movement – GMP No Change₹ (0%)25-Nov-2023 6:02

Sheetal Universal Limited Company Profile

Sheetal Universal Limited, established in 2015, operates within the agricultural commodities sector, specializing in sourcing, processing, and supplying products such as peanuts, sesame seeds, spices, and grains. These commodities cater to manufacturers in various industries, including peanut butter, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, and other food products.

The company’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range, including spices, peanuts, sesame seeds, pulses, and other agricultural products. Sheetal Universal possesses a manufacturing and processing unit located in Jamnagar, Gujarat, spread across an approximate land area of 14,668 square meters. This facility holds FSSAI-2006 certification from the Government of India, ensuring compliance with food safety standards. Additionally, the company is affiliated with the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and the Indian Oil Seeds & Produce Export Promotion Council.

As part of its business expansion, Sheetal Universal owns two subsidiaries: Saumesvar International Private Limited and Svar Industries Private Limited. These subsidiaries are involved in processing and exporting agri-commodities like oil seeds and grains.

The company’s clientele extends across various countries, including the Russian Federation, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Iran, Algeria, Israel, Turkey, and Egypt.

In terms of financial performance, Sheetal Universal recorded total revenue from operations of Rs. 12,881.22 Lacs, Rs. 3,868.77 Lacs, and Rs. 3,763.64 Lacs in fiscal years 2023, 2022, and 2021, respectively.

Key competitive strengths of the company include its advantageous geographical location, an experienced management team, a diversified customer base, established customer relationships, adherence to timely product deliveries, and a scalable business model. These strengths position Sheetal Universal as a competitive player within the agricultural commodities market.

Sheetal Universal Limited IPO lot size and investment details

The Sheetal Universal IPO lot size and the corresponding minimum and maximum investment criteria for retail investors and High Net Worth Individuals (HNI):

Retail Investors:

Minimum Application: 1 lot

Shares: 2000

Amount: Rs. 140,000

Maximum Application: 1 lot

Shares: 2000

Amount: Rs. 140,000

HNI (High Net Worth Individuals):

Minimum Application: 2 lots

Shares: 4000

Amount: Rs. 280,000

Investors can bid for a minimum of 2000 shares (1 lot) and in multiples thereof for both retail and HNI categories. Retail investors can invest a minimum of Rs. 140,000, while HNIs are required to apply for a minimum of 2 lots (4000 shares), amounting to Rs. 280,000. The maximum investment for retail investors is set at Rs. 140,000 for 1 lot (2000 shares).

Promoter holding details for Sheetal Universal Limited IPO

The shareholding pattern of the promoters of Sheetal Universal Limited before and after the issue is as follows:

Shareholding Pre-Issue: 95%

Shareholding Post-Issue: The specific percentage of shareholding post the issue has not been provided in the information shared.

Sheetal Universal Limited Financial Information (Restated Consolidated)

Period Ended31 Aug 2023 (₹ Lakhs)31 Mar 2023 (₹ Lakhs)31 Mar 2022 (₹ Lakhs)31 Mar 2021 (₹ Lakhs)
Profit After Tax187.67198.8528.3125.41
Net Worth1,046.89649.22450.37422.07
Reserves and Surplus241.29299.22100.3772.07
Total Borrowing1,463.221,356.24984.80625.07

The table displays the financial data for Sheetal Universal Limited for different periods ending on August 31, 2023; March 31, 2023; March 31, 2022; and March 31, 2021. The values are represented in Rs. Lakhs for Assets, Revenue, Profit After Tax, Net Worth, Reserves and Surplus, and Total Borrowing. Additionally, it highlights the significant increase in revenue and profit after tax between the financial years ending March 31, 2023, and March 31, 2022.

Objects of the Issue (Sheetal Universal IPO Objectives)

The Sheetal Universal IPO aims to utilize the proceeds from the Fresh Issue towards various objectives as outlined below:

Funding Capital Expenditure: Allocation of funds to support capital expenditure requirements for the company’s growth initiatives, potentially including the expansion of existing facilities, infrastructure development, or other strategic investment needs.

Working Capital Requirement: Utilization of funds to fulfill working capital requirements, facilitating day-to-day operations and ensuring smooth business activities such as procurement, manufacturing, and sales.

General Corporate Purposes: Allocation of funds towards general corporate purposes, which may encompass diverse operational needs, potential strategic initiatives, business development, technology upgrades, or any other operational activities beneficial for the company’s overall functioning and growth.

Meeting Public Issue Expenses: Utilization of funds to cover the expenses associated with the public issue, including underwriting and advisory fees, legal expenses, registrar fees, marketing and advertising costs, and other administrative expenditures incurred during the IPO process.

These objectives reflect the intended allocation of the proceeds generated from the IPO, outlining how the funds will be utilized to support the company’s growth, enhance operational capabilities, and manage various financial aspects to ensure sustainable business expansion and development.

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